We organize international educational tours in various parts of east Africa; this includes Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. Interested tour participants tell us the estimated amount of time that they want to be here, and we plan accordingly for all the trips. We receive visitors at the airport and take them to selected hostels in the city of Nairobi. The theme and focus of the visit, and topic of the discussions groups, is determined by those intending to come, that is, the institutions themselves.

Examples of institutions that we host are:

  • Elementary and Secondary Schools, College and Universities
  • Churches
  • Research Organizations
  • Scientific Bodies
  • Special Privately-Sponsored Delegations
  • Clubs with varying interests, e.g., Wildlife Conservation Groups, Scouts, Rotary Clubs

All the planning can be done by us, or the visitors may tell us a specific place that they want to visit; for example:

  • A visit to a certain community such as the Maasai, in order to study their culture
  • A visit to Mount Kenya, Mount Kilimanjaro
  • A visit to Lake Victoria to study fishing and the effects of the water hysin (WEED) that is affecting the lake
  • A student visit to a national park to see a dominant rare species and learn more about it, for example the rhino in Lake Nakuru National Park
  • A visit to historical artifact sites and museums

All trips are conducted in multiple 9-seat touring vans that travel in a convoy, and the students are always accompanied by a resource person and a tour guide from Touch Africa or our partner organizations. We can also arrange for students to visit schools in the midst of their visit. Shows them first-hand the realities of education in East Africa. These visits can include different activities, including:

  • Playing games together
  • Singing together
  • Debates and discussions
  • Telling each other about different backgrounds/culture
  • Research visits

Some students come to our country to conduct research and see first-hand the different topics of assignments in their colleges/universities, such as poverty, community development, HIV/AIDS, environmental issues, culture, literature and language.

We can organize a visit to a rural community for a service project to be performed by visitors along with local community members. Some affordable quick-service projects would include:

- Building school classrooms - Building toilets in public schools for better hygiene and sanitation - Erection of water tanks for clean water harvesting - Digging trenches and connecting water close to villages - Helping local groups start income generating activities (IGAs) such as chicken, goat or cow-rearing projects.

An advance fee of US $100 per person is required, payable to Touch Africa International. This goes towards all the advance preparations and bookings for hostels, transport, and resource persons. During the stay, each visitor pays US $1000 for two weeks or US $1500 for three weeks, inclusive of airport pickup and drop off, all in-country transport, and all food and accommodation.

We can handle a maximum of 50 persons in one delegation at a time.

The price of each educational tour includes a 3-day, 2-night safari to Maasai mara at no extra cost to participants.

There is no educational visa to come to Kenya; we recommend our visitors obtain Visitor Visas, which cost US $50 per person for 90 days.

We meet all volunteers at the airport; we need to be informed of you date of arrival, flight name and number, estimated time of arrival, and the number of persons visiting.

Information on dvance preparation for your education tour will be sent by email upon request.