TOUCH AFRICA organizes internships at any time of the year here in Kenya. We welcome people with or without a prescribed profession.

Volunteers without a profession are asked to inform us by email about their hobbies and what they would like to do while here, for example:
  • Working with children
  • Volunteering in a children's orphanage
  • Working in a hospital
  • Volunteering in a community project
  • Organizing sports for different groups
  • Helping out in famine/hunger areas

Professionals are asked to send us a detailed curriculum vitae and their preferred areas interest for volunteer work. We will contact suitable institutions/organizations to arrange suitable placements, and get back to them with full details. For example, on behalf of a nurse who wants to work with HIV/AIDS-positive patients, we would look for such an institution -- if possible, one of our partner institutions -- and make all the arrangements for a volunteer placement.

During the internship periods, TOUCH AFRICA will billet interns with selected families near the institution or organization where the intern is working/volunteering.

We select families with a good social record, and train them on hosting people from other cultures.

This is a major policy for TOUCH AFRICA, through which our volunteers/interns are able to have first-hand experience in the basic culture and standard of living of African families.

We supervise the families on a regular basis, and monitor each placement closely; if an intern is uncomfortable, we can change him/her to another family.

We pay the families to provide all the basic meals to the interns, and give them a menu to follow. We ensure a balanced diet in all the meals.

After a full internship, which is at least two weeks in length, TOUCH AFRICA will prepare award each volunteer an international volunteer/internship certificate detailing where you did your internship, what it entailed, the duration of the internship, and the direct and indirect benefits to the institution/organization and the community at large.

Owing to the large number of certificates and recommendations we prepare, this document is forwarded to you after your stay in Africa, by post to your mailing address.

Our Registration Fee is US $100; internship fees are calculated based on the length of stay:

Time Period
Cost (US Dollars)
2 weeks
$700 USD
4 weeks
$900 USD
6 weeks
$1300 USD
8 weeks
$1500 USD
3 months
$2000 USD

We plan and budget for the cheapest yet most comfortable food and accommodation for our interns. This is a major policy of Touch Africa International, as we believe in giving everyone a chance to volunteer and participate here in Africa.

Daily transport to the working areas is covered by the interns themselves. Local transport is extremely cheap, at most $1 per day. An additional $15 is required to be picked up from the airport by taxi. Transport for any extra-curricular activity during the internship is covered by the interns themselves.

Please contact your local doctor/clinic for more information on health issues and required inoculations, and ensure you get malaria and yellow fever medication. Please carry a portable mosquito net, and sunscreen for the light-skinned.

Travel Documentation
You require some legal papers for your admittance to Kenya. We strongly recommend the Visitor’s “Ordinary/Single Entry Visa”which costs $50 USD. These are issued on application at the Kenyan missions abroad, or on arrival at the port of entry. This type of visa is valid for three months. (NOTE. Most visas are valid only for 90 days; anyone wishing to stay more than that may need a longer type of visa.)
Other requirements include:

  • Valid passport
  • Any other documents, e.g. return air ticket
  • Two passport-size photographs

All of the required working documents/permits will be processed while you are here.