TOUCH AFRICA’s mission revolves around issues of poverty, particularly the lack of education, economic opportunity and environmental concerns. Our goal is to train people to be effective business entrepreneurs, community leaders and global citizens through the organization of community work camps, internships, volunteer programs, community development projects, and educational tours that focus on the four key issues of our work foundation, namely:
  • Reducing poverty
  • Increasing global cooperation
  • Promoting sustainable development, equality and social justice
  • Environmental conservation and protection

We believe in giving everyone a chance to contribute to a better society by organizing affordable programs as listed above. We undertake to ensure that they are interactive, enjoyable, educational, and, most of all, life-changing: In short, putting together real people in the real world to bring a real change in people’s lives.

Touch Africa is now working in partnership with the government of Kenya through the Ministry of Culture, Gender, Sports and Social Services. The ministry is involved as a leading stakeholder working towards the contribution of a better youth, gender, cultural and social agenda. We are jointly developing project proposals that are beneficial to the gender, youth, culture and social policy for Kenya. These proposals are centered on capacity building and social mapping of rural Kenyan communities. Touch Africa and the Ministry is setting up community cultural centers in rural Kenyan communities to preserve local traditions while opening up and exposing the communities to development.

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